Food Service Vendor Information

Please provide the following information if you are interested in participating in our events. All applications will be considered, but submittal of this application does not guarantee your involvement if certain conditions are required by the promoters, and/or community. We will need a color photo of your complete operations set-up. We will be sending out information packets for each event, along with the dates of the required trainings or pre-event meetings that will be mandatory for you to attend.

Business Information:

Contact Information

Menu Items Offered:

Limited to three (3) Specialty Food (meat) Items and 2 sides, sizes, and price.

Food Vendor Set-Up:

Please indicate the type of set-up and license required.

Please note that our first priority is to support local, Detroit & Michigan-based vendors & businesses, and then utilize other vendors who are interested in our events. All vendors are subject to the approval of the Event Promoter(s).

To print an application, fax to: Sheila M. Brown at Fax (248)643-4422 or call (248)642-6000 for more information.

Download Application Here
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